Our Story...

The Player Progression Academy (PPA) was founded in 2011 by
three American University Men’s Soccer Alumni...

...who came together to redefine the concept
of a youth sports club.

They started by asking themselves:

"How can we recreate all of the great moments we had as youth athletes? How can we build an environment that maximizes on the profound lessons we learned from those experiences?" 


These questions eventually spawned the concept of... 

PPA Life

Role Models

They knew the key to having a great experience in sports was having a great coach. So we set about recruiting the best people we knew and then teaching them about our PPA Life philosophy.

Here's our short story on how we built our team of coaches into one of the most highly renowned staff in the region...





PPA Life

PPA Life


Girls Empowerment


Coaches Cup


Hoops Tournament


Player Profile


Mother's Day Tribute


Sleepaway Camp