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SCHOOLS: The Player Progression Academy is a premier youth sports academy in the Washington, DC metropolitan providing high quality athletic instruction for players ages 2 - 18. The Academy is comprised of four schools; Tots, Elementary, Middle, and High School. Within each school, the Academy offers high quality instruction to youth athletes in various sports and activities with the ultimate aim of providing advanced athletic development and great experiences. 

CURRICULUM: The PPA curriculum is based on the philosophy of  providing a multi-sport foundation in early child hood and subsequently building pathways for specialization and advanced play as players mature . In the early childhood schools (Tots and Elementary) PPA programs focus on facilitating multi-sport play and technical, foundation based, instruction. As players progress through the curriculum, the older schools provide opportunities for players to pursue specialization and advanced play in specific sports. Our curriculum is based largely on research that support the benefits of diverse play at a young age for success in sports at older ages.


VALUES:  The PPA employs a holistic perspective. Our Schools are specifically driven by PPA's core values; Passion, Integrity, Camaraderie, Creativity, Kindness, Drive, Excellence. Each program is designed to translate the athletic experiences of the players into real life lessons that reinforce our values. Beyond the playing field, PPA schools also provide extensive leadership, community service, and job training opportunities to help our players fulfill our mission of building great athletes and great people.   

PROGRAMS:  The PPA offers a variety of programs that cater to athletic development. Specifically, the Academy offers programming for soccer, basketball, futsal, tennis, yoga, and cross sport play. PPA also offers team play, clinics, private training, summer camps, leadership workshops, community service programs, job training, and more. You can see more information about our specific programs in the navigation bar below. 


The Player Progression Academy (PPA) was founded in 2011 by three American University Men’s Soccer Alumni: Mike Worden, Jamie Davin and Nikolaj Kapus...

Mike Worden

Jamie Davin

Nikolaj Kapus

Who came together to redefine the concept of a youth sports club. They started by asking themselves, "how can we recreate all of the greatest moments we had as elite youth athletes, while also providing an environment that maximizes on the profound lessons we learned from those experiences?" This question eventually spawned the concept of... 



PPALife is who we are, how we live, and what we teach. It is our company philosophy driven by a set of values that align with our mission to foster great experiences and exceptional development through sports. 

We also knew that the key to having a great experience in sports was having a great coach. So we set about recruiting  the best people we knew and then teaching them about our PPALife philosophy. Here's our short story on how we built our team of coaches into one of the most highly renowned staff in the region...

As we built our team from a group of 3 friends to over 50 dedicated, passionate, and professional coaches, we never lost focus of our mission to create great experiences and exceptional development. Here is our latest PPA Video which captures the essence of the PPALife.  

Role Models

We started with the idea to build a team of role models.