PPA Clinics: FAQ




Each Season, PPA offers an array of clinics that meet once a week to focus on skill development. Parents can choose between a variety of options so that 1) they can find a schedule that fits their availability 2) players can try out new sports, and 3) players can focus on sport-specific skill sets that can help further their athletic development in that sport. 

We encourage our players to explore their athletic calling. If you are on a Soccer Team but want to try Basketball out? Go ahead and sign up for a Basketball Clinic! Want to keep up with Tennis during Basketball season? Add a Tennis clinic! Multi-sport instruction leads to more comprehensive athletic growth. 

Signing Up


  • How do I join a Clinic? Can anyone sign up?

Anyone can sign up for a clinic! You can view all our current options and sign up HERE.

  • What about Clinics labelled "Private" or "Premier Only"?

Private Clinics are not open to all. They are organized by and for a specific group. If you would like to organize your own clinic, you can start the process HERE.

Premier Only clinics are only open to players within PPA's Premier Program and not the general public.

  • What if the Clinic I signed up for is not a great fit?

That is ok. We offer clinics every day of the week for every age group of athlete. You can switch into a different clinic, across sports, to find one that works for you and your player.

  • Who should I contact with specific questions?

You can find PPA's Office contact information HERE.



  • I am in a Clinic, where can I find information on my clinic, like the time or location?

PPA has its own Portal Website: www.myppaportal.com. Registration for any program goes through the portal. If you ever need to find information on a program you are registered for, you can find it on your portal under "my programs."

  • I am having trouble navigating the portal, what should I do?

If you are having issues with the Portal, you can send a note to our administrative staff at info@ppateam.com, or give our front office a call at (240) 532 - 8431.

  • I lost my password and cannot reset it, who do I contact?

If you are having issues with the Portal, you can send a note to our administrative staff at info@ppateam.com, or give our front office a call at (240) 532 - 8431.

  • What equipment do I need to get for each player?

It depends on the sport!


  • SOCCER - Every player needs to bring a soccer ball, cleats, shinguards, and water

  • FUTSAL - Every player needs to bring a soccer or futsal ball, sneakers or indoor shoes, shinguards, and water

  • BASKETBALL - Every player needs to bring a ball, sneakers, and water

  • TENNIS - Every players needs to bring a racket and water

  • Does PPA have any specific policies I, or my child, need to follow?

You can read all of our Policies and our Code of Conduct on our Policies Page HERE.

  • How will I know of any cancellations or schedule changes?​ Will there be make ups?

In the event of a cancellation or change in schedule, we will immediately send an email notification to all affected and update the schedule in the portal.


PPA builds in a week or two at the end of seasons for make up sessions, however, we are beholden to permits to facilities and fields. We can only offer so many make ups before the season ends. There are no refunds for cancelled sessions. 

Please make sure your contact information in the Portal is accurate so you receive any and all notifications!