PPA Development Soccer


What is it?

The Development Program mixes the convenience of recreational teams, with professional coaching. It's the only league in the DC and MOCO, MD region where players can register with friends from their school or neighborhood, and get a professional (non-parent coach) to manage practices and games. Parents don't need to worry about long drives. Practices are held locally during the week and games are played on weekends. Throughout the season, players learn sport-specific skills and technique, while developing a will to succeed. At the end of each season, there is a league-wide tournament to crown a champion. 


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Teammates become friends for life.

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Winter 2022 Soccer Season


PPA's registration for the Winter 2022 season is now open!  We're offering an indoor soccer league with games on the weekends from mid January through mid March in the NW DC, and Montgomery County region. To join the league parents can organize their own teams where they can invite friends to be part of their team. Or parents can register their players as free agents where we will place your player on a team that fits best for them.  Each team will be assigned a PPA (non parent coach) and will have 6-8 games on the weekends against similarly aged teams. On gameday, coaches aim to make games serious and fun, teaching players technique, how to be competitive, and how to be a great teammate.

How to Join Winter 2022


Small Group

Register your player as an individual or small group, and we'll place your player on a team that fits their age. 



Register a group as a team. Parents who register as a team will be able to invite other players to join their team. 


Key Dates




Nov 1



Dec 17


Jan 22



March 13



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Spring 2022 is coming


PPA's registration for Spring 2022 season will open mid January, 2022. In the spring, teams will practice once a week and play on weekends with their PPA Coach. Stay tuned for more info!

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Questions About Development Soccer?