Development Program



How do I get in? Do I have to try out?


Tryouts are required for 2nd Grade and older (younger age groups can contact one of our Directors about joining a team). This is for our identification process to determine the appropriate level of play for the player. PPA doesn’t want to cut anyone, rather, we look to put players on teams and in leagues appropriate for their competition level and level of commitment.


PPA will host seasonal tryouts, the dates and locations of which will be posted on our Tryouts page, which you can find under "programs" on the main menu.

If you are unable to attend one of our open tryouts, you can reach out to one of our Directors (below) about coming out for an individual tryout.


How am I notified of placement? When?


It may take us sometime to sort through all the attendees, but you will be notified of acceptance and placement via email within two weeks of the tryout. For individual tryouts we can normally get back to you sooner regarding placement. Once you are placed you will receive information and instructions regarding registration.


What is the cost of a team?

The costs for development varies by age group, by sport, and by season as PPA has reserve Permits for facilities throughout the DMV. For Development teams, payments are for the most part 1 time and cover 1 season of play. Field Permits, jerseys and equipment, and coaches and referees fees are among the fees included in the determination of seasonal costs. Below is a table outlining costs for Leagues. Note that these costs may change.

Fall or Spring Soccer                                          Fall, Winter, or Spring Hoops                                Winter or Summer Futsal









How long is a season?

Minimum 8 weeks. Season Length can depend of field permits as well as rainouts and age group, information about season schedules comes out closer to the start of each season.

How do I officially register and pay?


PPA’s Development Program is a season-by-season commitment. Over the offseason, registration will open and you will be able to submit payment for the coming season. Registration is through our member portal ( You will need to create an account for yourself AND a profile for the player before registering for a program.


At the open of registration, those on a roster will receive instructions on how to register for your specific team via an email from the League Director. Rosters are made by our Directors based on Tryout Acceptees and Returning Players. The portal allows us to better organize our rosters and allows you see:


Your player’s weekly schedule

Your team’s roster and coaches

Contact information


For returning players, do I stay on the same team from the previous season?


In general, yes. The way we look at it, PPA development teams are neighborhood all-star teams. We try to build teams locally, which has the added benefit of easier commutes for our members. We want to keep teams together, but keep in mind that as kids get older and move into new things, rosters change.


To reserve spots for the next season in some of our leagues, we may ask for Deposits. Parents in these leagues can place deposits down over the off-seasons to commit to their spots for the next season. These deposits will then be applied to the next season’s payment. Deposits are non-refundable.

What if I’ve missed the deposit period, or wasn’t able to submit one, can I still keep my spot, or make team and practice requests?


Yes, you can, but we build our rosters based on offseason deposits (which we take as a commitment to the upcoming season) and then tryout acceptees. The longer you wait to reach out to us, the less spots will be available to you.


Can I request a certain team or teammates?

Yes, we try to be flexible, but teams have limited roster space. We will do our best to accomodate requests, but roster spaces fill up fast!


Can I request practice times or locations?


Yes, we try to be flexible, but PPA has to acquire permits for many of their practice and game locations. We will do our best to accomodate requests.


How are practice locations set?


We try to build teams locally, which has the added benefit of easier commutes for our members. When you sign up on the Portal we ask for your player's school and your address so we can build our rosters and practice schedule locally. For Development teams, we try to put local teams at local fields and courts.


When do schedules come out? How do I see them?


Practice schedules are released closer to the start of the season. Once registered, your schedule is stored on your portal account so you can have easy access to it. Once field and court permits are issued we will release the schedule to all our members via the portal and you will be informed by email.


Game schedules are released closer to the start of season, will be communicated via email, and are stored on our website on League Pages, which you can reach under "PPA Leagues" on the main menu. 


How will I be notified of schedule changes or cancellations?


You will be notified via email of any cancellations or changes in the schedule. PPA gets field and court permits through schools, Montgomery County, and DCPR, and often times they make the decision on closures. We monitor field and court statuses in order to get out timely updates.


How do clinics work?


Many of our Development Teams will include a Clinic in their packages. Clinics are meant to be a flexible practice option. We offer them in Soccer, Basketball, Tennis, Track and Field based sports, and even Yoga. You don’t have to be on a team to register for a clinic, or even in the same sport. We want our members to explore their athletic calling. The benefits of multi-sport instruction in young athletes is well documented and something  PPA strongly believes in!


Developmental team members that do have a clinic included will be prompted to select one during registration. Once our clinics locations and times are set we will notify team members of the schedule so they can select the clinic of the their choice.


How do I get my uniform?


Game and practice jerseys will be handed out by your coach the first week of the season.




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Coach Adem Gokturk, Boys Soccer Director
Coach Annie Worden, Girls Soccer Director
Coach Alex Assaf, Tennis Director
Coach Mike McClain, Basketball Director