Welcome to PPA's

Soccer Goalkeeper Program

PPA’s Goalkeeper Program embraces our core values into the development of confident, impactful goalkeepers. Today’s game requires goalkeepers to be communicative leaders on and off of the field, with the ability to direct a defense, launch an offense, and minimize any scoring opportunity with superb shot-stopping skills. Through dedicated training sessions focused on the technical, tactical, mental and physical aspects of the position, the PPA Goalkeeper program is committed to giving our keepers the tools they need to maximize their performance in this crucial position.

Meet the Goalkeeper Program Director


Kat Sutton



Our PPA Goalkeepers are trained by a team of qualified and highly experienced Goalkeeper coaches. With backgrounds in club, collegiate and professional soccer, this team of coaches has a first-hand understanding of what it takes to excel in the net. We aim to foster the growth of our players through high-energy practices, open communication with players and parents, and a commitment to raise the bar for each and every session.


 Within the dedicated Goalkeeper training sessions, players will work on mastering the basics of footwork and catching, diving, distribution, angles and positioning. Safety and confidence in these elements are key! Advanced work for 1v1/breakaways, extension diving, crosses, etc. will be incorporated into sessions based on development. More specific programming will be modified to meet the needs of age groups and skill levels. 


Through the curriculum of PPA we feel that a player of any sport is able to better themselves in their sport and also as a member of a team. Coaches allow players to build on their development and take it in the direction they want to go. We believe that when our curriculum is mixed with our highly professional coaches we are building great athletes and great people.