Golf Coaching Staff


Jamie is a founding member of the PPA. He leads the team of program directors and coaches with a focus on creating the highest-quality experience for every player, parent, and coach in the organization. 

Background: Captain of American University and DC United U23 team. First team all-patriot league and scholar athlete. Received a Bachelors Degree from American University.

Jamie Davin

Executive Director

For any questions about the Golf Program, please reach out to Tommy at:

Born in Australia, Tommy has several years of experience coaching in McLean Youth Basketball leagues, working with as young a 7 year olds, and as old as 14 year olds. As a freshman in High School at Brent International School in Manila, he lettered in Varsity basketball. Eventually, he graduated from McLean High School in Northern Virginia. He later attended the University of Alabama, where he worked with the basketball program as a manager for a short period of time.

Thomas Gray

Director of Golf