PPA Development Soccer League

Season: Spring 2019

K/1st Grade Boys

  • Holy Trinity Dynamo - Diego

  • Bradley Hills Blast-  Ashby

  • Janney Purple Jags - Joe

  • GDS Tigers - Jack

  • Harbor School Hawks- Zach 

  • Holy Trinity Dynamo -  Alex 

  • NPS Cardinals - Ryan

  • Somerset Squirels - Beckett

  • Bradley Hills Blast - Aiden

  • Concord Hills Crew- Peter

  • JDS Lions - Shane

  • WIS Panthers - Rohan

  • Beauvoir Bears - Patrick

  • Harbor School Hawks - Gunnar

  • Janney Jackals - Vincent 

  • Wood Acres Warriors - Van

  • Janney Purple Jags - Lucas

  • JDS Lions - Amichai 

  • Somerset Starfish - Ethan

  • WIS Panthers - Declan 

Culture Code & Rules

Culture Code
Our purpose is to provide players with a positive experience that can lend to long term holistic development. We aim to build great athletes and great people, to teach the value of commitment and competition, to inspire passion and camaraderie, and to provide players with an experience they can carry with them through their lives. Our league play is based on the value system of PPALife: Grit, Creativity, Camaraderie Competition, and Integrity and we rely on parents, coaches, and managers to withhold, demonstrate, and teach these values to our players.
League Rules:
  • The K/1st Grade Boys Development League is played in a 4v4 format, 4 on the field and no goalkeeper
  • Team Rosters typically have 7-9 spots
  • There is no limit on substitutions
  • Opposing players are moved back for goal kicks to allow teams time to play out the back.
  • This age group uses a size 3 ball.
  • We have two locations for games, a Maryland Location and a DC Location.

  • Refer to www.myppaportal.com or the PPA Mobile App to see your team's roster and schedule.

  • All Players, Parents, and Coaches are expected to follow our Code of Conduct Policies (you can read them here).

  • Heading in this league is an infraction and will result on a free kick for the other team.