PPA Development Hoops League

Division: K/1 Grade Girls

Season: Spring 2019

Culture Code & Rules

Culture Code
Our purpose is to provide players with a positive experience that can lend to long term holistic development. We aim to build great athletes and great people, to teach the value of commitment and competition, to inspire passion and camaraderie, and to provide players with an experience they can carry with them through their lives. Our league play is based on the value system of PPALife: Grit, Creativity, Camaraderie Competition, and Integrity and we rely on parents, coaches, and managers to withhold, demonstrate, and teach these values to our players.
League Rules:
  • The K/1 Grade Girls Development League is played in a 4v4 format.
  • Team Rosters are 8 max.
  • There is no limit on substitutions. Coaches emphasize equal playing time for player development.
  • Hoops are set at 10 feet.
  • Shooting fouls will result in 2 free throws. Every non-shooting foul in the last 2 minutes of the game will result in "1-and-1" free throw.
  • There is no 3pt line in this League.
  • Ball size for this legal is 28.5.
  • Games are played with two, 20 minute halves.
  • There is no full-court press in this League.

  • There is no double-teaming on defense in this League.

  • In the interest of parity, creating an culture for passion for play, and developing great athletes of great character, Coaches may adjust in-game rules to create a more even playing field.

  • Refer to the game schedule to see your team's game information in your PPA Members' Portal.

  • All Players, Parents, and Coaches are expected to follow our Code of Conduct Policies (you can read them here)

  • Every season will culminate with an End of Season Tournament. Rules and Schedules will be sent out to all teams prior to the tournament.