PPALife Club Perks

Holistic Development


Holistic development approach including multi sport play, leadership, and community service.

PPA Mobile App


Keep track of your schedule, communiticate with other parents, and more. On the Go!

Professional  Pics


PPA professional photographers take Game Day team & action pictures.

Cool Gear


PPA's own line of athletic apparel made exclusively for our players and coaches.



Connect with other PPA parents to help organize carpools to practices & games.



Players can join community leadership  programs in sports and earn SSL hours.


Exclusive Events


PPA offers exciting events to all of our clubs' players & parents.

Training Vidoes


Learn about all the cool things going on throughout the PPA.

Partner Cards


Take advantage of PPA's awesome connections with the community with exclusive deals for PPA members. 

Professional Coaching


Renowned for highly decorated coaching staff helps us achieve our mission. 

In The Community


PPA is partnered with various organizations to provide quality programming and stretch our impact.

Flexible Scheduling


PPA offers programs with flexible schedules to help parents manages busy lives.

Parent Pick-Up Games


Come play in adult games offered after hours and connect with other PPA parents & coaches.



PPA is partnered with  the Techne App to help provide individual training lessons players can follow online.

Player Feedback


PPA maintains individual player development programs for each player on a PPA Team.