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PPA Girls Soccer to Offer New Programs in Fall 2017

The Player Progression Academy (PPA) is pleased to announce an exciting change coming this fall. The update consists of re-organizing Girls PPA Soccer into two programs: Premier and Development. The adjustment ensures that all of our PPA Girls players are receiving the most appropriate soccer program for their development.

Below, you will find brief breakdowns of the two programs to come.

Premier Program:

  • Caters to our female players who excel in their skill level, exemplify a competitive attitude and seek a more challenging environment.

  • 2 team practices a week + 1 skills clinic of your choice; league: SAM Select — all games at the Germantown Soccerplex.

  • Teams by birth year. We will be looking to create 2006, 2007, 2008 and 2009 team(s), with roster caps of 12. Teams will be comprised of current players + tryout players.

Development Program:

  • Caters to our female players who enjoy playing with their friends in a local setting, while still getting quality training experiences and competitive games.

  • 1 team practice a week + 1 skills clinic of your choice.

  • League: PPA development league (U10/U11) games on a consistent day, time, location (ideas of places to host games: Norwood school, GDS, Stone Ridge, Landon pending permit).

  • Minimum of 8 teams in the league playing 7v7.

  • Official refs.

  • US Soccer guidelines for field and goal size.

  • Tryouts required for new players to join.

  • Teams by grade level, roster caps of 13.


What will this mean for my daughter’s current team?

We are not aiming to break up current teams. We will look to make it an option for a child to participate with both her development and premier group. The way doubling rosters would work is the skills clinic as part of the premier team program would be supplemented by the development team’s practice. This means to play on both teams would require just one extra day of soccer a week, the development team game. We will be hosting tryouts to fill any roster spots that may open up.

Does my daughter have to attend a tryout?

All current players DO NOT have to attend a tryout. The coaching staff knows your daughter's ability so it is not necessary for her to attend an hour long session for the sake of evaluating her potential.

Who decides which players will make a premier team?

Coaches will nominate current players for the premier team program. From there we will create a player pool with the addition of tryout players. Teams will be formed from this player pool.

Does my daughter have to play on a premier team?

If your daughter is nominated for the premier program and does NOT want to participate in the program we will NOT force her. Not all players who request premier team program will be accepted.

How do we submit which program my daughter would like to join for fall 2017?

Following the parent meeting, we will create a Fall RSVP w/ deposit form on our PPA site. This will allow you to submit your players name into the program pool. IF you make a deposit for the Premier program and are not placed in the player pool, we will make a full refund if you elect to turn down the Development program.

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