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The 2018 United Soccer Coaches Convention

Last week was the United Soccer Coaches Convention (formerly NSCAA) in Philadelphia, PA. This annual convention is a nationwide gathering of more than 12,000 members of the soccer community who come together to learn and network with each other. It is a 5 day event filled with presentations, meetings, exhibitors and so much more with the aim of helping coaches and administrators in the field of soccer at all levels.

This year's convention had a bigger emphasis on the administrative side of soccer and all that goes into running a soccer organization, such as necessary financial controls, effective marketing techniques, the latest in social media and how to bring sponsorship revenue into your club.

PPA is excited to use all of the information we have gained and use it to help our young organization grow at a sustainable level.

We are proud that PPA was represented by our very own Annie Gavett, PPA’s Director of Administration and Marketing. Take a look at the pictures below that captured Annie’s experience.

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