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There is no denying that coming to celebrate Halloween weekend is one of PPA's most exciting traditions. Players, parents and coaches come dressed up in Halloween costumes and play, referee and cheer on their team!

In interviewing the kids this year, Pikachu was by far the most popular costume. Coach Rodolfo (photo 7) had the best costume of the weekend by far. Those inflatables are the best! His costume also had a speaker attached to it that played so kids could dance around!

This year, kids could select a couple of giveaways from our Halloween prize tables. We had candy, Halloween tattoos, PPA stickers and bracelets, bouncy balls, spider rings and more to choose from. Coach Amaya was excited to come dressed as a Banana! She was running around her site cheering on her kids all weekend in that costume! She said "Our K/1 girls leagues had opportunities to get their face painted! They enjoyed having whiskers, smiley faces, stars and hearts painted on their faces!"

Thanks for all who participated! We are excited for the season to wrap up with tournaments this coming weekend.


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