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Spread the Word

The best way we reach new players is through parent word of mouth, and so we are hoping that parents from within our program can help us by sharing information about our tryouts with friends and family on social media. Below we've created a graphic and caption you can use to post on your social media accounts, or other community groups you are a part of. We believe the more people that see this information, the better. 

RAFFLE: As a token of our appreciation, we're running a raffle for parents who share our tryout information on their social media. To play, post our information on your social media feeds between April 15 and May 12 and tag @theppateam on Facebook or Instagram. The winners of the raffle will receive an extra free week of soccer camp with PPA. Winners will be announced May 15. 

Soccer Tryouts.png

Download this image you can use to share:

Here's a caption you can use: 

As a parent of a child who loves playing travel soccer, I'm excited to share that PPA is holding tryouts for their premier teams May 8 -12 at various locations across the NW DC and Bethesda region. If your child is interested in playing competitive soccer, this is a club you should consider trying out for.  To find all the information you need, go to:

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