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PPA Camps: FAQ

  • I am signed up for a Camp, where can I find information on my camp, like the time or location?

PPA has its own Portal Website: Registration for any program goes through the portal. If you ever need to find information on a program you are registered for, you can find it on your portal under "my programs."

We will also send out reminders with information to all registrants as camps approach.

  • I am having trouble navigating the portal, what should I do?

If you are having issues with the Portal, you can send a note to our administrative staff at, or give our front office a call at (240) 532 - 8431.

  • I lost my password and cannot reset it, who do I contact?

If you are having issues with the Portal, you can send a note to our administrative staff at, or give our front office a call at (240) 532 - 8431.

  • What should parents and campers expect at a PPA Camp?

PPA Camps provide our top-tier PPA coaches who carry vast experience in developing youth, improving player skill and maintaining a safe & positive environment for players to thrive.​ Our PPA Technical Director has built a camp-specific curriculum that guides our daily and weekly activities designed to develop campers' sport-specific awareness in a fun, structured setting.

Signing Up
  • Where can I register for Camps?

You can view all upcoming camp options and register on our website HERE.


Yes! You will need to submit a Health Information Form before you can attend camp. Please provide our staff with as much info as you can give.

  • What types of camps does PPA offer?


PPA offers a variety of camps for a range of sports, skill-sets, ages, and genders. You can view the full list and descriptions here:

  • What are PPA's Camp locations?

PPA maintains partnerships with a variety of schools and parks in the Northwest DC, Bethesda, MD, and neighboring areas. All locations are detailed for each camp as you scroll through the upcoming camps schedule HERE.

  • What are camp hours?

Most PPA Camps run from 9AM-3PM. There are some "half-day" options for younger age groups that run from 9AM to 12PM.


Certain PPA Camps also offer an 'Extended Day' option (8-9AM & 3-5PM) for those families who are looking for additional training and is flexible our PPA parents' work schedules - the 'Extended Day' option can be viewed in the PPA Camp Card in the PPA Member's Portal as well as in the checkout phase of registration.

  • Does PPA group campers by age or gender?

Yes! After check-in at each PPA Camp, our coaches bring in the group to then divide them up into smaller groups. Throughout the day or week coaches may do activities for the group as a whole, but a majority of the time campers spend the day with other similar aged and same-gender campers.

  • What do I and my camper need to pack for Camp?

Every parent should run through the following check list to pack for camp. This list will also be sent out in reminders to camp registrants:

  • athletic clothes

  • sport-specific footwear (cleats, basketball shoes or tennis shoes) 

  • sunscreen

  • water bottle

  • lunch (or money for pizza - $2/slice) and a snack

  • hat

  • sport-specific equipment (soccer ball, shin-guards, basketball or tennis racket)

  • a backpack

Be sure to label all your camper's belongings!

  • What is the counselor-to-camper ratio at a PPA Camp?

At our PPA Camps, we aim to maintain a range between 6:1 to 10:1 ratio for coaches/counselors to campers to provide a safe and productive learning environment.

  • Does PPA offer any discounts for Camps?

Yes - discounts are awarded based on timing of registration and volume of PPA Camps enrolled in - the more camps you register for, the higher the discount (can viewed in the PPA Member's Portal). Additionally, PPA typically has an early-bird registration period and sibling discount that we encourage PPA families to take advantage of as well. 

  • Does PPA allow for Pro-Rated options?

For certain camps PPA may allow for Pro-Rated options - please contact the PPA Admin team ( ahead of your desired PPA Camp days and our team will note a pro-rated cost for the days your camper will attend.

  • When will I receive additional information about the camp I registered for?

Once you register for PPA Camp(s), you will receive a confirmation email with the details of your selections. Additionally, parents will receive an email update the week before your camp with all necessary details specific to that day/week's camp. Lastly, all camp details are viewable in the PPA Member's Portal.

  • What precautions are taken by PPA for inclement or dangerous weather conditions?

Safety is our #1 priority at PPA Camps. Many of our camps take place at duel outdoor/indoor facilities which allows for campers to rest indoors should there be poor weather or high temperatures. We also stress frequent water breaks to ensure our campers are properly hydrated throughout.

  • What is PPA's Counselor in Training Program? Who is it for? How can I sign up?

The CIT program in partnership with PPA's Leadership Program provides opportunities for rising players 15+ to learn leadership skills, various responsibilities, and earn experience & payment (after experience hours are fulfilled) by participating as a CIT. Players can learn more and apply here:

  • Are there any other Policies I need to be aware of?

All purchases are final. Refund requests are up to the discretion of the PPA Management team and will taken on a case-by-case basis. All requests should be made out to Additionally, we typically offer pro-rated refunds for rain-out days at camps without indoor space. This is based on the scenario and is also at the discretion of the PPA Management team.

  • Who are my points of contact and how do I find them?

You can find PPA's Office contact information HERE.

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