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Development Hoops Program


Program Overview

With over 200 teams in our leagues, the Development Program stands as the leading youth sports league in the DMV, blending the ease of recreational play with the "magic" of club sports. It's the only league where players from grades K-8 can team up with school or neighborhood friends without a tryout, and where parents have the unique choice of professional or volunteer coaching. The program is a 1 season commitment - 8 weeks long - where teams have a 1 hour practice on weekdays, and a 1 hour game on weekends. Practices and games are scheduled to be local. Most teams are school based teams where parents help organize a group of classmates to form a team. We group these teams into leagues based on grade, gender and location so neighboring teams play against each other in an environment which is fun, developmental, and "magical". 

Details about this Season

  • Priority Registration Opens Jun 19 | General Registration Opens July 3

  • Late Registration Starts: Aug 28th (after this day we can no longer guarantee league placement)

  • 8 Week Season. Each team plays games on weekends, with 1 weekly practice, weekday afternoons.

  • Practices can be indoor or outdoor: team choice

  • End of Season DMV Rec League Championship Tournament included 

  • Games will be held in NW DC, Chevy Chase, Bethesda region.

  • Practices are based around location of the team. 

  • League are organized by grades, k - 8th grade. Players can play up a grade, but not down a grade.

  • Open to boys and girls of all levels.

  • Parents can form teams and choose a PPA coach or Parent volunteer coach for their team.



$100 Rebates for Parent Organizers

Interested in starting your child's team this Fall? We make forming a team easy, and we give parent organizers a $100 rebate. Learn more.  

PPAforAll Scholarship Program

​PPA aims to provide programming for all players, regardless of their financial situation. We offer full and partial scholarships to ensure everyone can play.  Learn More. 

How do I register?

Form a Team

How does this registration work?


It takes one parent to start a team. In the registration,  we'll ask you for a team name and then we'll ask if you want a PPA coach assigned or if you have a parent on the team who wants to coach. From there, we'll send you a code and a link you can send around to your child's classmates or friends so they can join your team.

Save $100! 

New rebates available for parents who form teams.  Click here to learn more.  

Join a Team

How does this registration work?

If you've been invited to join a team by another parent, you should get a code from them to join. Or, you can join the league as a free agent, and we will place your player on a team in their age group and your preferred practice region. 



Program Philosophy

Imagine it's a Saturday morning and you're going to the game! Young athletes are there, shoes laced up, eyes shining, hearts pounding. You see Tommy make a fantastic pass, and there's a collective cheer. Lilly takes a shot, misses, but you see her grit her teeth, ready to try again. It's not just about the score, it's about the thrill of the game, the rush of a shared goal, the lessons learned in every missed shot. This is what we call "the magic of sport", a philosophy we aspire to achieve in our Development Leagues. We’re not your typical rec league where players get a high five for their attendance. We're here to spark a love for sport, an understanding of teamwork, a lesson in resilience. The Development League is about creating passionate athletes, shaping character, joyful memories, and leaving an indelible imprint on the lives of the next generation.


"Best place to play sports with Friends"

Need more information?

Check out our welcome packet. This packet gives details including: what happens after you register, league rules, and parent FAQ's.

Why are the PPA Development Leagues
Best Place to Play Sports with Friends
in DC/MD

A highlight clip from the Girls Dev League Tournament

A highlight clip from the Boys Dev League Tournament


PPA is most recognized for having great coaches. Our staff come with distinguished played backgrounds, and are trained to fulfill our mission of developing players between the lines, and outside them. 

eli coaching .jpg

School Teams

With over 100 schools represented in our leagues, the Development League is the best place to team up with classmates and compete with neighboring schools. We make it easy for parents to organize teams from their schools. 


League Play

Development Leagues aim to strike the right balance of fun and developmental. We try to make Gamedays as exciting as possible, including specialty weekends like Spirit Week. And during the weeks at practices, coaches follow an age specific curriculum designed to foster learnings and growth. 


End of Season Tournament

PPA Development Leagues are one of the few rec leagues that offer a tournament as part of the season (most other rec programs offer tournament play separately). We think tournaments are the best way to wrap up a season of learning, playing, and competing. 



One of the main reasons families join PPA is because we offer many paths for different players.  If your player strikes a passion for the sport, we have teams that compete in the highest levels. Whether you just want to play for fun, or you want to compete against the best players in the country, PPA has a path for you. 

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