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PPA's Futsal Leagues: FAQ


PPA Futsal Leagues are weekend leagues focused on game play. There are no practices included with PPA Futsal Leagues. There is the option to add a weekly practice option when you sign up. See the Development Futsal Leagues Page for more information:

  • I am on a team, where can I find information on my team, like my roster, coach, or schedule?

PPA has its own Portal Website: Registration for any program goes through the portal. If you ever need to find information on a program you are registered for, you can find it on your portal under "my programs." Or you have the option of downloading the PPA app on android/apple devices where all the information you need is accessible for when you are on the move!

Your team's schedule, roster, coach and manager contacts, and more are all stored there!

  • I am having trouble navigating the portal, what should I do?

If you are having issues with the Portal, you can send a note to our administrative staff at, or give our front office a call at (240) 532 - 8431.

  • I lost my password and cannot reset it, who do I contact?

If you are having issues with the Portal, you can send a note to our administrative staff at, or give our front office a call at (240) 532 - 8431.

  • Does PPA have any specific policies I, or my child, need to follow?

You can read all of our Policies and our Code of Conduct on our Policies Page HERE.

Signing Up

  • How do I join a Futsal Team?

PPA has multiple avenues to join the Development Program, none of which require a tryout:

If you have a group of family or friends and would like to start your own team, you can get started by putting in a request HERE.

If you just want to join as an individual, you can sign up by registering HERE.

  • Can I request to be on a specific team or with a specific teammate?

Absolutely! You can put in team or teammate request when you register. However, there are only so many spots on each roster, so we cannot fulfill every request. 

  • Can I start my own team, or bring my team in to the League?

Absolutely! Just send our Program Directors a message and we will get you set up. To start a team, you will need a list of 7 - 9 interested players with contact information so we can get them all signed up.


The Director's contact information are:

  • If I am new, how do I know what team I have been placed on?

To start with your child will be placed in a player pool, and then we will send out Registration Instructions to parents of new players once they are placed on a team. Those instructions will include some logistical information like when and where the practices are. Once you register for the team you will also gain access to the roster so you can see how is on your team and who the coach is. 


  • How are games scheduled? When will I know my schedule?

Games will generally be at the same location and on the same day of the weekends throughout the season. Generally, each league will play in the same time-block each weekend, so your game time may vary by an hour or two each weekend. 

Game locations, days, and time-blocks will be released to teams around a month prior to the start of the season. Specific game times will be released around 2-weeks prior to the season once set. All schedules are uploaded to the portal for parents to view.


In the Development Program, we have TWO game-locations, one DC and one Maryland. Teams will play at a certain location depending on the following factors:

  1. Competition Level

  2. Location Convenience

  • How will I know of any cancellations or schedule changes?

In the event of a cancellation or change in schedule, we will immediately send an email notification to all affected and update the schedule in the portal/app.

Please make sure your contact information in the Portal is accurate so you receive any and all notifications!

  • How and when will I get a Jersey?

During the winter futsal season, the jerseys used will be the PPA Adidas Developmental uniforms. Coaches will hand out jerseys for new players at game day.

  • Will my child play in every game?

Yes - The focus of the Development Program is Player Development. Every player will play, and we place an added emphasis on creating a fun and supportive environment in which the players can learn and grow.

If the games become one sided, we give our coaches the leeway to adjust to the circumstances to keep the game fun and create more parity. It is not about winning and losing, it is about learning and growing.

  • What equipment do I need to get for each player?

Every player needs to bring a ball, sneakers or indoor soccer shoes, shinguards, and water to practices and games.

  • How do I apply for Financial Aid?

The Financial Aid Form can be found on our Policies Page HERE. Please fill it out and send it along to Joe Iraola (

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