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PPA Premier Teams Excel in 2017 Fall Season

It was a fantastic fall season for our PPA Premier Program!

Not only did our teams do exceptionally well, but it was our biggest season yet with the addition of the Girls Premier Program. Further, the Boys Premier Program added teams as well bringing our total number of Premier Teams to 21.

We at PPA set the standard for ourselves, we set our goals, and we believe winning comes as a byproduct of our hard work aiming toward those goals. We are proud of all our teams and all the commitment the players, the parents, and the coaches put into the fall season.

Here is a breakdown of our PPA Premier teams success:

5 teams went undefeated during the regular season:

Girls 07 Thorns, Boys 08 Green, Boys 06 Orange, and Boys 05 Green.

4 teams finished in 1st place:

Girls 07 Thorns, Girls 09 Spirit, Boys 05 Green, and Boys 04 Green.

3 teams finished as Finalists:

Girls 04/05 United, Boys 08 Green, Boys 06 Orange, and Boys 07 Green.

A special thanks to all our Premier teams that participated this season! Girls 07 Courage, Girls 08 Reign, Girls 04/05 Tsunami, Boys 07 Orange, Boys 07 Yellow, Boys 06 Blue, Boys 08 Blue, Boys 04 Blue.

Check out some photos from this past fall season.

For more information about our Premier Program click here.

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