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PPA Takes a Giant Step Forward in Making the Lives of Parents Easier

PPA Officially Announces Release of New Mobile App

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Washington, D.C. (February 1, 2019) – PPA announces the official release of a new mobile application designed to help parents manage their kids’ sports programs with ease. The app, which is now available via the App Store and Google Play, is fully compatible with all Apple and Android devices.

The PPA app gives families the ability to chat with their teams, check their schedules, register for upcoming programs, RSVP for games and practices, and more. The app is also fully integrated with PPA’s Portal platform, allowing PPA families to seamlessly join the app using their existing Portal accounts.

The goal of the app is to simplify the lives of parents and to further a sense of community within the club. “We want our club to feel connected,” says Director of Communication Graham Mcqueen. “Like a family.”

"This app was a long-time coming, and a passion project of mine for many years now, so I am so excited that it is finally ready for our families” said PPA President Mike Worden. “We think this app will reshape the way families interact with PPA by spending less time on logistics and more time enjoying the sports they love.”

Download the app today.

About the Player Progression Academy (PPA)

The Player Progression Academy (PPA) is a multi-sports (soccer, basketball, tennis and golf) youth academy located in the Washington, D.C. metro area with programs for children ages 2-18 years old. PPA’s mission is to build a base of fundamental skills necessary for a positive and successful athletic experience, and to translate those experiences into real life lessons that reinforce our values. Learn more at

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