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Dev Game Day Gallery Winter 24

Welcome PPA parents, fans, and enthusiasts! As the excitement of each game unfolds on the field and court, we're thrilled to bring you our GameDay Gallery. Every week, this blog will be refreshed with snapshots captured over the weekend, with links to more pictures. If you're a parent who's taken some great pictures, share them with us here, or email them to To view our entire album of Game-day Pictures, updated as of 2/8/2024 click here.

Before we dive into pictures, we also want to use this blog as a resource for parents to access Winter League Pages, where you can see standings, results, and league rules:

Hoops Winter 24 League Pages - Standings, Results, and Rules

Now, without further adieu, here are some weekend pictures:

Weekend 4: SPIRIT WEEKEND: January 29- February 4

Weekend 3: January 27-28

Weekend 2: January 20-21

Weekend 1: Jan 8-14

If you're interested in seeing more Gameday Pictures, click here to view our entire album.

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