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Premier Soccer takes home 2 Gold and 2 Silver Futsal State Championships!

January 27, 2023

It's a proud day for PPA! Earlier this month, two Premier teams came home as State Champions, 2 others as Finalists!

Each Winter, the best soccer teams around the country have a chance to compete in their State Championship for a chance to be crowned Futsal State Cup Champions. The winners of these state-level tournaments then go on to compete in regional tournaments to determine the top teams in each national region. Congratulations to our Premier Boys Green 2010 and 2011 teams on their 1st Place finishes, and our Premier Girls Green 2013 and 2014 teams on their 2nd place finishes.

What happens next?

These teams will advance to the US Futsal Northeast Regional Championship, organized by US Futsal, to play against other state champion teams for a shot at the title of regional champion. The tournament will be divided into different age groups in a round robin/knock out format. Aside from competiting for a title, the US Futsal Regional Championships are known as an opportunity for players to showcase their skiils against some of the top competition in the country. Good luck to our PPA Teams!

Thank You's are in Order!

It takes a tribe. First, we need to thank our coaches - Coach Steven, Coach Jane, Coach Yikalo, and Coach Nick for their hard work and dedication. They have spent countless hours working with our players to improve their skills and develop effective team strategies to be successful at the highest levels of Futsal. Second, we need to thank the parents who sacrifice time and effort to support their children's soccer passions. They drive them to practice and cheer them at games. Thank you Parents!

What is Futsal?

Futsal is a variant of soccer that is played on a smaller field and with a smaller ball. The game is played indoors, and typically involves five players on each team. Futsal is a popular sport in many countries, and is officially recognized by both FIFA and UEFA. The game is known for its emphasis on technical skill and quick decision-making, and is often used as a way to develop young players' skills



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