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Fall 2022 Development Press Release

The Player Progression Academy (PPA) PO Box 43264

Washington, D.C., 20011

For Immediate Release

June 13, 2022

The Player Progression Academy Announces Fall 2022 Programming

The Player Progression Academy (PPA) is excited to announce the opening of its Fall 2022 Development Leagues. Due to high expected demand, registration will open over two phases. Priority registration will open June 20th. Returning teams who register during this phase will be guaranteed a spot in the league. General registration will open June 27th. Registrations during this period will be honored on a first come, first serve basis. Registration will close August 19th, or sooner if capacity for the leagues fill. For the last three seasons, team registration has closed early because of high enrollment, so PPA advises players and teams to register early.

The Fall season is scheduled to start on September 6th, for soccer, and September 12 for basketball.

NEW: Development League now open to parent-coaches

This Fall, PPA Development programs will pilot an option for teams to join the leagues with a parent coach volunteer. This means that teams who join the soccer or hoops leagues this Fall will now have the option to either choose to have one of PPA's professional coaches assigned to the team, or choose to have a parent-volunteer coach the team. This Fall there will be limited spots available in the league for parent-coached teams.

As Mike Worden, President of PPA explains, "Expanding the leagues to include teams with parent coaches helps us improve access to PPA programs. We know we have parents in the program who want to coach their kids, and we want to support them.”

In planning how parent coaches will be integrated into the league, PPA’s Technical Soccer Director, Nik Kapus states, "We plan to support parent coaches in the same way we do our professional coaches. All parent coaches will get an onboarding program, access to our professional training workshops, and our developmental curriculum."

About the Development Program

PPA’s Development Program aims to be the best place to play sports with friends. Both soccer and basketball programs will offer kindergarten through eighth grade leagues that are designed to offer the convenience of recreational teams with the professionalism of club sports. It's the only program in the DMV region where players can register with friends without a tryout, and have the option to be led by a professional or parent volunteer coach. Each team can expect one practice during the week and one game on the weekend. PPA’s curriculum is developmentally based, and aims to teach players of different levels sport-specific skills and technique to help them progress. Developing players outside of the lines, and in between them, is the number one goal.

About the Player Progression Academy (PPA)

The Player Progression Academy (PPA) is a multi-sport youth academy located in the Washington, D.C. metro area with programs for children ages 2-18 years old. PPA’s mission is to build a base of fundamental skills necessary for a positive and successful athletic experience, and to translate those experiences into real life lessons that reinforce our values. Learn more at


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