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Spring 2024 Development Leagues Announcement!

PPA Families and Sports Enthusiasts,

Registration for the Spring Development Soccer Leagues and Hoops Leagues is now open:


What are we offering this Spring? ⚽️🏀

⚽️ SOCCER Leagues and 🏀 HOOPS Leagues: 

DMV's most popular premium rec leagues, this spring we're expecting nearly 300 teams to compete from all over NW, DC and the Montgomery County region. Here is what parents can expect this spring:

  • Season Starts April 8

  • 8 week season

  • Each team has 1 practice during the week and games on the weekend. Teams can opt out of the weekly practice, and just play games.

  • Teams will be organized in leagues by grade: k - 8th grade

  • The 2nd Grade and older Leagues include end of season tournament

  • Open to boys and girls of all levels

  • Parents can form teams and choose a PPA coach or Parent volunteer coach for their team

  • Prices vary from $75 - $450 depending on age group and coach preference.

  • Learn More about the SOCCER Leagues:

  • Learn More about the HOOPS Leagues:

Here's a highlight video of a Development League Soccer Gameday.

Here's a highlight video of a Development League Hoops Gameday

How do I Register?

Forming a Team: Parents can form their own teams and invite friends to join. We give $100 back to parent organizers.

Joining a Team:  Players who are invited to join a team will get a code from the team manager to register. Otherwise, players can also can register as free agents, and a PPA Director will place your player on a team in their age group.

Registration will open January 22

Questions? Text us at 240 - 628 - 8075


What is the PPA Development League?: The PPA Development League is the leading youth sports league in the DC and MD regions, catering to players from kindergarten through 8th grade. It is the only program open to players of all levels, where parents can register for teams with a professional coach or a parent volunteer coach. The best place for players to play with friends and school teams, this program blends the convenience of recreational leagues with the high-quality experience of club sports.

What is our Philosophy? Creating the Magic of Sport: Imagine it's a Saturday morning and you're going to the game! Young athletes are there, shoes laced up, eyes shining, hearts pounding. You see Tommy make a fantastic pass, and there's a collective cheer. Lilly takes a shot, misses, but you see her grit her teeth, ready to try again. It's not just about the score, it's about the thrill of the game, the rush of a shared goal, the lessons learned in every missed shot. This is what we call "the magic of sport", a philosophy we aspire to achieve in our Development Leagues. We’re not your typical rec league where players get a high five for their attendance. We're here to spark a love for sport, an understanding of teamwork, a lesson in resilience. The Development League is about creating passionate athletes, shaping character, joyful memories, and leaving an indelible imprint on the lives of the next generation.

Looking to place your child on a highly competitive team? Check out our Premier Program, PPA's leading travel soccer and travel hoops programs.

Want to learn more about PPA? check our About US page.


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