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PPA Premier Soccer

Program Overview:

Discover an unparalleled competitive soccer journey with PPA Team, right in the heart of Bethesda, Maryland, and the DC Region! We pride ourselves on delivering competitive soccer experiences and instigating advanced player development, suitable for those striving for sports excellence


Our mission is to unlock every player’s full potential, guiding them through pathways that could lead to high school, collegiate, and even professional levels. We are excited to be one of the best youth soccer leagues, creating a thriving environment that balances professional expertise with a friendly, inclusive approach. 


By joining us, you are stepping into a world where commitment to growth and success in soccer is our priority!


Professional Coaching


Year Round



Competitive Leagues


Advanced Player Development


Travel    Tournaments





Professional Coaching

Our professional coaching goes beyond the basics. It’s a harmonious blend of expertise, innovative training methodologies, and a friendly, approachable demeanor. Our coaches are dedicated to nurturing every player’s skills, helping them to excel in the competitive soccer landscape in Bethesda, Maryland, and DC.

Year Round Training

Step into a constant learning and development atmosphere with our year-round training sessions. We offer meticulously designed programs to keep our players engaged, focused, and always progressing, ensuring they are game-ready for the best youth soccer leagues.

Competitive Leagues

Join the excitement! Our competitive soccer teams in Bethesda, Maryland, and DC get to participate in leagues where skills are tested and refined. Prepare to experience the rush and the challenge of competing against other top-notch teams that will enable you to grow, learn, and strive for excellence.

Advanced Player Development

Our approach to player development is intensive and holistic. We focus on honing advanced skills, fostering a deep understanding of the game, and building the mental resilience needed to navigate the competitive world of soccer — all while maintaining an upbeat learning environment.

Travel Tournaments

Embark on a thrilling journey with our travel tournaments! These events allow players to showcase their talents, gain exposure, and experience the diverse soccer landscapes, learning from every game and every opponent, fostering a spirit of collaboration and resilience.

Club Experience 

Experience the PPA Team difference! Our club experience is not just about playing soccer—it’s about being part of a community that values growth, learning, and mutual support. We cultivate an environment that is welcoming and inclusive, ensuring every member feels valued and motivated to reach their fullest potential.

Winter Futsal

Dive into the exhilarating world of Winter Futsal! We're thrilled to extend this unique program to all our Premier Program Players, providing an exciting way to continue their soccer journey during the winter months. The Futsal teams will be organized based on the Fall Premier Teams rosters.  

  • Costs per player: $245

  • Rosters - 7-10 players

  • League: Alexandria Futsal league 

  • Games: Sundays 

  • Season Dates: January to Mid-February 

Winter Tryouts

PPA is rolling out tryouts for our premier teams this winter, focusing on age groups from 2016 to 2007 (by birth year). If you are enthusiastic about trying out, please register below! After registration, a premier director will promptly contact you to schedule your tryout. We’re excited to see new faces and discover emerging talents who share our passion for soccer and our commitment to excellence and growth!

Ready to kickstart your journey with PPA Premier? Whether you’re diving into our Winter Futsal program or showcasing your skills in our winter tryouts, you’re about to embark on an unparalleled soccer experience. 


Don’t miss out on this opportunity to enhance your skills and be part of something extraordinary! Register now and step into a world of excellence, innovation, and camaraderie. See you on the field!


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