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A highly competitive soccer experience with a focus on advanced player development. The goal of this program is to provide talented players with a challenging and rewarding club experience, and to build pathways for players to reach high school, collegiate and professional levels. Click on the program guide to see full information.

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2010 Boys Green Champions of Bethesda Tournament, Fall 2019. 

2008 Boys Champions of Travel Futsal Tournament, Winter 2019. 

2008 Boys Champions of Alexandria Futsal League, Winter 2020. 

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2009 Girls Champions of Bethesda Tournament, Fall 2019. 

2009 Boys Champions of Arlington Tournament, Fall 2019. Playing  1 year up. 

2011 Girls Champions of Alexandria Travel Tournament, Fall 2019 . 

2010 Girls Champions of Alexandria Travel Tournament, Fall 2019 . 

2009 Boys Champions of Alexandria Travel Futsal, Winter 2020. 

2006 Girls League Champions of Sam Travel League, Spring 2019. 

2005 Girls Tournament Champions of Arlington Tournament, Spring 2019. 

2006 Boys Alexandria Travel Futsal League Champions, Winter 2020. 

How to Join


Covid - 19 Update: 


PPA Premier teams are inviting new players and teams to join. 

Through the summer, new players can join PPA Teams without making a financial commitment until normal play resumes. New players interested in joining should complete our Player Onboarding form so Directors can gauge the appropriate team level. Our program directors will make team placement recommendations based on the player's playing experience and open roster spots within PPA teams. 


During the Covid restrictions, teams will be integrated into PPA's Virtual Academy Program with live classes run by PPA coaches and custom designed home workouts for players. Teams will begin practicing with coaches with Covid-safe restrictions as soon as government guidelines allow.

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