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PPA Development Program

What is PPA's Development Program?


best place to play sports with friends

The Development Program is the best place to play team sports with friends. Its a league which offers parents the convenience of local practices and games, and the option of joining a team with a professional coaches. It's the only league in the DMV region open to players of all levels where players can register with friends from their school or neighborhood without a tryout, and choose to get a professional (non-parent coach). Teams also have the option of using a parent volunteer coach if they choose. When joining the league, parents can expect to have their kids play on a team with 1 practice during the week and 1, sometimes 2 games on the weekend. Some teams don't practice during the week, and just play games. 

What Leagues are available?


Boys and Girls Leagues
Grades k - 8

Fall Season | Sept - Nov
Winter Season | Jan - March
 Spring Season | April - Jun



Boys and Girls Leagues
Grades k - 8

Fall Season | Sept - Nov
Winter Season | Jan - March
 Spring Season | April - Jun


- Most seasons run for 8 - 10 weeks.


- Registration for each of the seasons will open 2 - 3 months before the season starts. 

- Players join teams that play against other local teams on the weekends

What makes the Development Program better?

The Development Program is unique because it blends the convenience and fun of rec sports, and mixes it with the professionalism of club sports. The leagues are organized by a full time staff of directors with extensive experience in coaching and managing sports programs. 

Pro Coach and Parent Coached Teams

One of the unique aspects of PPA's Development Program is that parents who form teams can choose if they want to have a professional coach, or parent volunteer coach. All PPA professional coaches are certified and and trained. 

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School Teams

Hundreds of Elementary School and Middle School teams participate in our leagues because kids love playing with their classmates. There's nothing better than stepping into a game, representing your school colors, facing another nearby school team, and having bragging rights on the line. To play on a school team, parents can form them 

Where do teams play?

The Development Program has teams from all over the DC, Montgomery County region including Glover Park, Georgetown, Tenley Town, Adams Morgan, Chevy Chase, Bethesda, Potomac, Rockville, Kensington, Silver Spring, and Takoma Park. Practices are organized around where the team comes from, and games are organized based on central locations. 

What does it look like?

How would I join?

Join as a Team

Most players join the league as a team. These teams usually comprise of 6 - 10 neighborhood or school friends who want to play on a team together. It takes one parent from the group to register the team, and then invite the others to join. 


If you've been invited to join a team by another parent, you should get a code from them to join. Or, you can join the league as a free agent, and we will place your player on a team in their age group and your preferred practice region. 


Small Group

Want your player to be placed on a team with a few of their friends? When you register as a free agent, you can note your small group in your registration.  

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text us at: 240-628-8075

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