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Be a Hero

Every kids team starts with a parent who steps up. We try to make organizing the team seamless for that parent by giving them the invite code to build their roster. 

Pick Team Name & Jerseys

The parent managers get to pick the team name, and jersey color. We'll also offer team managers options to build custom jerseys for their team, if they want. 

Make the Schedule Requests

The parent who organizes the team gets to make the practice requests on behalf of the team. 

$100 Rebate

As a thank you, we give parents who register their team and fill their rosters $100 back.

What's the process?


Register a name for your child's team. 


Choose coach type (pro or parent). 


Invite friends to join.



What programs can I form a team in?

The Development Program allows parents to form their own teams. This is a league which is open to players of any level, and aims to provide an authentic sports experience.  Parents who form teams can choose to have a professional coach or parent volunteer coach. To learn more about the Development Program, click here. 

How do I get started?


What is the process after I register?

After you register your team, you'll receive a team code and a link that you can send around to invite other players to join your team.  From there, while you're filling the roster, we will start working on scheduling your practices and games. Before the season starts, we'll provide instructions on how to order jerseys and other logistics you'll need to start the season.

What are the costs?

The costs of a team vary depending on the league you join and your coach preference. In general, if your team opts to have a parent coach volunteer, the registration fee will be lower than if your team selects to have a PPA certified Coach. To see what leagues are open for registration, click here. 

What if I want to form a team, but I only a few people that may want to join?

We can help. We will give you a code that you can use to invite others to join and if you're looking to add more players to your team, we'll start by recommending that you send out an email to your school's list-serv with that code. This will usually do the trick. We also will have a group of "free agents" - players who registered without a team - that we can assign to teams that need extra players. 

What is the difference between having a parent coach and a PPA coach?

If you register with a parent coach then one parent, or a group of parents, from the team will be expected to attend practices and games for the team, and will be asked to lead general communications for the team. If you register your team with a PPA Coach, we will assign the team a PPA certified coach who will lead practices and games, and lead general communications for the team. All PPA coaches are professionally trained and paid, so the fee for a team with a pro coach is higher than a fee for a team with a parent volunteer. 

What should a parent coach expect?

If you're stepping up to be the coach of your child's team, we'll work with you similarly to the way we work with our professional coaches. First, we'll ask you to go through a short onboarding program to get you comfortable with the role. Before the season, we'll ask you to attend our pre-season coaches meeting where you can meet our directors and other coaches, pick up coaching gear and equipment, and get all the information you need for the season ahead. During the season, we'll give you access to our curriculum for drills and plans you can use at practice. In general, we'll try to support parent coaches as much as we can to help give players a great experience.

What kind of programming can I expect for my team?

All parent-formed teams participate in our Development League Program. This program is the best place to play sports with friends.  Players of all levels are welcome to participate. The league mixes the convenience of recreational teams with the professionalism of club sports; meaning we aim for players to have fun, but also learn the sport and have exciting games. The more specific programming details, like; "what will my schedule look like?" or "how many players do I need for my team" will depend on the league you join. To see information on the leagues open now, click here.  

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