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The Importance of Juggling

Juggling. Why do our coaches make players practice juggling? What's the point?

Put simply juggling in soccer is the act of keeping the soccer ball in the air by using your feet, thighs, head or any other part of your body except your hands.

PPA starts every training session with at least 5 minutes of juggling. But why? Juggling is a great way to work on your touch as a soccer player and it is something that you can do on your own time. All of our coaches stress the importance of practicing on your own time and juggling is a quick and easy way to keep improving your touch on the ball. Additionally, juggling can help to improve a soccer player's overall play by making the player more confident with the ball.

Becoming a proficient juggler takes time, but like any learned skill, practice really does make perfect. Don't believe me? Just ask Sean Maxfiel.

Sean is a PPA premier player, who talks about juggling and its impact on his game in our first PPA Premier Player Highlight video. Additionally, Sean talks about his experience playing with PPA, his hopes of playing college soccer some day and his juggling record (hint: it's pretty high).

Take a look at the video below.

And remember keep on juggling!

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