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Fall 2022 Spirit Week at PPA!

What a start to October! PPA's Development Leagues just wrapped up 2 weeks of its fun and popular Spirit Week. We saw lots of costumes, signs, and of course great game play. PPA Spirit week is a special event in our Development Leagues. It started just a few years ago, with a just few teams who got excited to add face paint at their games. Since then, PPA leagues have designated one week each season to promote team spirit. We encourage players parents and coaches to bring out their best and let's just say this Fall didn't disappoint!

The first weekend, October 8th and 9th, the Development Hoops Leagues kicked Spirit Week off with a bang! As our Lead Director, Damario Clarke, put it, "Spirit week was awesome this year. It seems like every season; parents are getting more and more involved. I couldn't believe some of the costumes I saw. Makes me wonder what Halloween Gameday is going to look like!" Two weeks later, October 15th and 16th, the Development Soccer League followed suit. As one of one of PPA's most popular coaches, Lucas B, put it "PPA has always had a tradition of trying to develop players between the lines and outside them. PPA Spirit week is a perfect example of why we're so focused on going beyond just games. When you see so many players laughing and smiling, you know you're doing something right."

With over 1000 players participating in Spirit Week this Fall, I think it's safe to say this may have been our best yet. Thank you to everyone who made this weekend so special! And enjoy the pictures below!


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