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Holiday Party + 10 Year Anniversary

PPA celebrated their annual holiday party this Friday at Mission in DC.

This year was special as PPA also celebrated their 10-year anniversary! Cheers to ten years!! PPA celebrates a decade of community, culture, and coaching. There is a strong sense of teamwork, camaraderie, and grit to speak to how PPA got this far. At the party, we took a look back at some of the memories, accomplishments, and thanked a few key people for being a part of the creation of PPA. PPA started in 2012 in the basement of an employee's house. Starting with just a couple teams, coaches and excel spreadsheets. PPA has now blossomed into one of the fastest growing youth sports clubs in the DMV.

We started the night giving superlatives out to their coaches.

Consider it done - Coach Rodolfo

Comic Relief - Coach Steven

Circle of Joy - Coach Kyler

Dynamic Duo - Coach Alexis and Coach Tay

Futbol is life - Coach Lucas

Hype man of the year - Coach Von

Hype man of the year - Coach Freddy

We then honored all of the coaches and staff who have been with PPA for 5 plus years!

Lastly and probably most importantly! We honored the founders of PPA Nik, Jamie and Mike and their incredible accomplishments of hitting our ten year anniversary.

Coach Annie says "It is not just a company anniversary. It is a family anniversary that has defied all odds to grow strong and achieve great things together. To Nik, Jamie and Mike, your hard work is appreciated and admired! Happy anniversary!"


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