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PPA Partners with Trace Video


PPA is excited to announce a new partnership with Trace, the innovative soccer video platform that records games and captures player highlights. This partnership promises to elevate PPA's development of players, and create a host of extra benefits to coaches, players and families.

With Trace, PPA Premier games will be recorded by AI video technology that tracks the ball and the players enabling coaches to access full game recordings. Using the game film, coaches can analyze team tactics, player performance, and work with their players on developing their soccer IQ with concrete feedback from game footage.

In addition to creating game recordings, Trace videos offers a range of features that make it easier for players and families to stay connected and engaged with the club. For example, Trace automatically creates personalized highlight reels for each player, so they can easily share their best moments with family and friends. And with the platform's social sharing tools, our players can easily share their highlights on social media, building their personal brands and attracting the attention of college recruiters and professional scouts.

Annie Worden, Director of Premier Soccer, noted, "I believe this partnership with Trace is a game-changer for us. It gives us access to cutting-edge technology that will help us to improve our coaching, strengthen our player development, and create a more engaging and connected experience for our players and families. We're going to roll it out with a few teams this spring, and then plan to launch it 100% going into next year."

To see our latest game highlights from Trace:

To see our Trace Leaderboard:


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