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PPA's Premier Hoops: FAQ



PPA has two programs for Team Sports, Development and Premier.


  • What is the difference between Development and Premier Hoops?

PPA's Development Program is open to all players of all levels, with a focus on skill development through building a fun and supportive environment for the players. We build Development Teams locally, with players' school or neighborhood in mind. Practices are scheduled at local parks or school fields for convenience. Teams in the Development Program play in PPA's in-house leagues against other PPA teams.

The Development Program is a Seasonal Commitment, with a season running about 3-months. Players in the Development Leagues have the option of being invited to Premier Teams.


PPA's Premier Program is invite only and is dedicated toward our most talented and dedicated athletes. Teams in the Premier Program play in travel leagues and strive for the highest levels of competition. Players new to PPA MUST BE EVALUATED VIA TRYOUT to be invited to a Premier Team. All players already in PPA's are evaluated by our coaches as potential premier players and DO NOT NEED TO TRYOUT. Most of PPA's Premier Teams are made of players who moved up through the Development program.

The Premier Program is a minimum 9-month, or 3-season, commitment, typically starting in the Fall and running through Spring.

  • I am on a team, where can I find information on my team, like my roster, coach, or schedule?

PPA has its own Portal Website: Registration for any program goes through the portal. If you ever need to find information on a program you are registered for, you can find it on your portal under "my programs."

Your team's schedule, roster, coach and manager contacts, and more are all stored there!

  • I am having trouble navigating the portal, what should I do?

If you are having issues with the Portal, you can send a note to our administrative staff at, or give our front office a call at (240) 532 - 8431.

  • I lost my password and cannot reset it, who do I contact?

If you are having issues with the Portal, you can send a note to our administrative staff at, or give our front office a call at (240) 532 - 8431.

  • What equipment do I need to get for each player?

Every player needs to bring a ball, sneakers, and water to practices and games.

  • Does PPA have any specific policies I, or my child, need to follow?

You can read all of our Policies and our Code of Conduct on our Policies Page HERE.

  • How do I apply for Financial Aid?

The Financial Aid Form can be found on our Policies Page HERE. Please fill it out and send it along to Joe Iraola (


  • How do I join a Premier Team?

If you are new to PPA you MUST ATTEND A TRYOUT to be placed on a Premier Team. You can attend one of our open tryouts, which you can view are sign up for HERE.

Tryouts are typically offered between seasons, so make sure to check back if there is not one posted. 

  • Can I request to be on a specific team or with a specific teammate?

No. Premier Teams are made and tiered by skill level.

  • I am already on a Premier Team. Am I guaranteed a spot with this same team next season?

No. Each age group has multiple teams tiered by skill level. Players are re-evaluated each year, and team's are re-organized with the goal of creating the most competitive teams possible.

  • If I am new, how do I know what team I have been placed on?

We will send out registration instructions to parents of new players once they are placed on a team. Those instructions will include some logistical information like when and where the practices are. Once you register for the team you will also gain access to the roster so you can see how is on your team and who the coach is. 

Generally, each age group for Premier has 1 top team made of the top players in the age group. This team is the "Green" team. The rest of the teams are created and filled indiscriminately by premier-level players.

  • Will my child play in every game?

Generally yes, although we do not guarantee playing time in the Premier Program as we do with the Development Program.

There is an added focus on competing and winning at higher levels in the Premier Program. As such, playing time may be uneven for players.

  • How are practices scheduled? When will I know my schedule?

In the Premier Program, we try to give players the best fields and facilities we have available to us. This comes at the cost of convenience for some.


Younger Premier players practice twice a week, and receive a weekly clinic of their choice as a third practice option. Older Premier players practice three times a week.

Practice Schedules are normally set around 1-month out from the start of the season. However, we have to acquire field permits from schools or the county, so our schedules are tied to their schedules in releasing permits. Once confirmed we send schedules out to teams and upload them to the portal for everyone to see.

Practice schedules are typically kept consistent from season to season to keep things simple for parents. However, this is not guaranteed.

  • How are games scheduled? When will I know my schedule?

Premier Teams play in outside leagues that create their own game schedules. Schedules are typically released anywhere from 1-month to 2-weeks prior to the start of the season.

Premier Teams in SAM Select play games at the Maryland SoccerPlex in Germantown, MD. Premier Teams in EDP will have game locations that vary each weekend and require extended travel. 

  • How will I know of any cancellations or schedule changes?

In the event of a cancellation or change in schedule, we will immediately send an email notification to all affected and update the schedule in the portal. 

Please make sure your contact information in the Portal is accurate so you receive any and all notifications!

  • How and when will I get a Jersey?

PPA partners with Adidas to provide players with state of the art jerseys and equipment. Premier Jersey and Gear orders are a separate cost and order. Information on jerseys can be found HERE, information on orders is sent out to all teams 1 to 2 months prior to the start of the season.

  • Who are my points of contact and how do I find them?

You can find PPA's Office contact information HERE.

For the Development Program, your main points of contact will be your Coach, whose contact information will be listed on your portal with your team's roster, or your League Director, whose contact information you can find HERE.

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