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Welcome to PPA Youth Soccer Club!

Before you proceed to become a member of our esteemed club, please take a moment to carefully read through our Terms and Agreement Policy (TAP). This document outlines the expectations, rules, and guidelines governing your membership with PPA Youth Soccer Club. By joining our club, you agree to abide by these terms and conditions.

1. Membership Eligibility:

   - Membership is open to individuals who meet the age requirements set forth by PPA Youth Soccer Club for the respective teams.

   - Members must adhere to the codes of conduct and values upheld by the club.


2. Financial Obligations:

   -The Member agrees to adhere to the Club's payment plan, which breaks down the annual membership fee into installments. Non-compliance with the payment schedule may result in the suspension of membership privileges until outstanding fees are paid in full.


3. Withdrawal Policy:

   - Should you choose to terminate your membership with PPA Premier Soccer before the season's conclusion, you are still responsible for fulfilling the remainder of your financial commitment as outlined in the agreed-upon payment plan. Player credentials will only be released upon the complete satisfaction of all outstanding dues. This policy is non-negotiable.


4. Code of Conduct:

   - Members are expected to conduct themselves with respect, integrity, and sportsmanship at all times, both on and off the field.

   - Discriminatory behavior, harassment, bullying, or any form of misconduct will not be tolerated and may result in immediate termination of membership.


5. Attendance Policy:

   - The Player commits to attending all scheduled practices, games, and other Club-related events, unless excused by the coaching staff in advance.

   - Consistent attendance is essential for team cohesion, development, and success.


6. Compliance with Rules and Regulations:

   - Members must comply with all rules, regulations, and policies set forth by PPA Youth Soccer Club, as well as those established by relevant governing bodies.

   - Failure to adhere to these rules may result in disciplinary action, including suspension or expulsion from the club.


7. Health and Safety:

   - The health and safety of our members are of utmost importance. Members must adhere to all safety protocols and guidelines set forth by the club and governing bodies.

   - Members are required to report any injuries or medical conditions to the coaching staff and seek appropriate medical attention when necessary.


8. Parent/Guardian Responsibilities:

   - Parents/guardians of minor members are responsible for ensuring their child's compliance with club rules and regulations.

   - Parents/guardians are encouraged to support their child's participation in club activities and uphold the values of sportsmanship and fair play.


9. Communication:

   - Members are required to maintain open and respectful communication with coaches, teammates, club officials, and parents/guardians.

   - Important club announcements, updates, and information will be communicated through official club channels.


10. Use of Club Facilities and Equipment:

   - Members are expected to use club facilities and equipment responsibly and in accordance with club guidelines.

   - Any damage to club property caused by negligence or misconduct may result in financial responsibility for repairs or replacement.


11. Termination of Membership:

   - PPA Youth Soccer Club reserves the right to terminate or suspend membership for violations of these terms and conditions, misconduct, or any other reason deemed appropriate by club management.

   - Termination of membership does not entitle the member to a refund of any fees paid.


By completing the registration process and becoming a member of PPA Youth Soccer Club, you acknowledge that you have read, understood, and agreed to abide by the terms and conditions outlined in this document. Failure to comply with these terms may result in disciplinary action, up to and including termination of membership.


Thank you for choosing PPA Youth Soccer Club. We look forward to having you as part of our team!

Costs Included in Annual Player Fees

PPA Premier Soccer Club Dues

  • MSYSA Registration and/or US Club Registration (includes player insurance)

  • Fall and Spring Training Sessions: Minimum two sessions per week 

  • Winter Season:  One-Three sessions per week (varies by age and level) + weekend winter league play

  • Summer Programming: 1-2 weeks of summer camp (1 wk day camp for 7v7 + 9v9 | 2 wks of evening camp for U13+) + preseason evening camp

  • League Fees (EDP, SAM Select, USYS National League, Winter league (i.e outdoor league for U13+ | Futsal league for U12 and under) 

  • Event Fees – vary by age group (College Showcases, Tournaments, Scrimmagefests, Festivals, State Cup, Presidents Cup)

  • Facilities costs: a combination of private and public facility permits for all practices/on field-coach development training/home games

  • All Referee League Fees

  • Goalkeeper Training: specialized training for team goalkeepers U9 and up

  • Age-appropriate training curriculum established by USSF focusing on long-term player development. Mojo training app to create specialized curriculum and training sessions by professional coaching staff

  • Formal player evaluations

  • College advisory and support for U16 and up through SportsRecruit

  • Administrative support and training from the office staff to all coaches, managers, and volunteers to assist with the successful functioning of each team.

  • Formal Player Evaluations

Fees Do Not Include- Required player uniform kit (two jerseys, one shorts, two socks, one training top, and/or Goalkeeper Jerseys, shorts), players travel-related costs, or coaches travel-related costs (varies by league/age). The year 2024-2025 is the second year of the uniform cycle which means new jerseys will need to be ordered for 2025-2026. Uniform numbers are assigned by the Program Administrator. We do not accept requests for specific jersey numbers. Additional costs may include but are not limited to, tournament travel (to include coaches travel/fee reimbursement), additional practice fields, additional league costs,  leadership training, individual training, extra camps or clinics, and international travel.

Mid-Year Transfers or Additions

Fees will be prorated based on when the player joins (see table below).

Screenshot 2024-05-09 at 11.06.16 AM.png

When starting your payment plan you will have the option to pay in full or to pay in installments. Installments will be processed within the first week of each month through April 2025. Most players will start their payment plan in August and will pay the annual fee over the course of 9 installments.

All installment plans for 2024-2025 will end in April regardless of when you join. For example, if you join in December you will pay your prorated annual fee over the course of 5 installments instead of 9. 

Financial Assistance

PPA is proud to provide a need-based financial assistance program for families to offset fees associated with participating on a PPA Premier Soccer Team. For more information click HERE

Refund Policy and Releases

When joining the PPA Premier Soccer program you are committing to play and pay for the entire year. Players may ask to be released from their team according to the particular guidelines, rules and regulations of their team’s league and in accordance with Maryland State Soccer Youth Association. ALL FEES FOR THE SEASONAL YEAR MUST BE PAID IN FULL TO BE CONSIDERED IN GOOD STANDING UPON RELEASE. This policy applies to players who voluntarily request a release from a team prior to the completion of the seasonal year (August 1 to July 31). Refunds would be considered under the following extenuating circumstances (no refunds of any kind will be considered after April 1st). Any refunds that are granted will incur a $25 administrative fee.

1.   Season-ending injury

2.   Family relocation due to job or military assignment

Player Releases Due to Injury

If a player is injured and cannot participate with his/her team, a Doctor’s note pertaining to this injury must be submitted to Premier Soccer Administrator, Jen Richardson within five (5) days after the injury. After review, if merited, payments may be suspended until the player is cleared (with Doctor’s note) to return to play. Fees and payments will continue to accrue for all players not in compliance with this policy regardless of injury.

Termination of Membership:

   - PPA Youth Soccer Club reserves the right to terminate or suspend membership for violations of these terms and 

conditions, misconduct, or any other reason deemed appropriate by club management.

   - Termination of membership does not entitle the member to a refund of any fees paid.

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