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     Fall 2024 Soccer and Basketball Teams with PPA
grades K-5

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How does it work?

Parents  who are interested in registering their child for a JDS soccer or basketball team for Fall 24 should fill out the interest form below by July 31. PPA will organize teams based on grade level and friend requests. 



Registration Process:

  • How do I register my child? "Simply fill out the Interest Form to sign up and note your preferences. No payment is required at this stage."

  • What happens after I fill out the form? "We will review all registrations between August 1st and August 10th. By August 15th, we’ll send out team details, practice and game info, information on ordering the new jerseys, and your team code (which you can use to officially join the team; payment will be required at this point)."

  • Is there a deadline to register? "Yes, please complete the interest form by July 31st to ensure your child is placed on a team."


Team Formation:

  • How are teams formed? "Teams are formed based on grade level and friend requests. We aim to group children with their classmates to enhance the team experience."

  • Can my child be on the same team as their friends? "Yes, you can request friends to be on the same team in the registration form."

  • Can teams be co-ed? “Yes, teams can be co-ed. Please note that co-ed teams will play in boys leagues”


  • How is coaching handled? "Parents can indicate if they want to volunteer as a coach on the registration form or a paid PPA coach. If any parents volunteer, we can create a parent-led team for that grade. If no parents volunteer, we will create a professionally coached team. The cost for PPA-coached teams is higher"


  • PPA offers 2 different programs for both sports: Soccer and Basketball. Parents can choose the program they would like to enroll in.

    • Teams: One 1hr practice during the week, 1 game on the weekend.

    • Clinics: One 1hr practice during the week, no games.

  • What is included in the Team season? "The season includes regular practices, games, and school-themed jerseys. Specific details about practice schedules and game times will be provided once teams are formed."

  • Who is the league open to? "The league is open to all CESJDS students. We encourage participation from students of all skill levels, whether they are new to the sport or experienced players."

  • What is the competitive environment of the league? "The league focuses on friendly, competitive play. Our goal is to provide an environment that promotes sportsmanship, skill development, and teamwork. While we aim to foster a competitive spirit, the emphasis is on fun, positiveness, and growth for all players."

Practices and Games:

  • Where and when will practices be held? "Practices will be organized at CESJDS. Specific schedules will be provided once teams are formed."

  • What if we have specific practice schedule requests? "Parents can indicate their preferred practice days and times on the registration form. We will do our best to accommodate these requests."

  • Where will games be played? "Games will be played at fields in NW DC or Bethesda"


  • Will there be team uniforms? "Yes, we will create custom CESJDS-themed jerseys for the players. Parents will have the option to buy the custom jersey or not. Buying the jersey is not mandatory.  Information on ordering jerseys will be sent out with team details."

Costs and Payments: All CESJDS automatically receive a 15% discount on any PPA program. The prices listed here include those discounted rates:

  • How much do clinics cost (just weekday practices after school): $187/player

  • How much does it cost to just play in the games? $187/player

  • How much does it cost to play on the team (with a weekday practice and weekend games)? Team prices vary based on grade and coach type as follows: 

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