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Get to Know PPA's New Full Time Coach and Director of Talent Manager, Steven Rogers

Steven was born and raised in Mexico City. After moving to the US and sustaining career-ending injuries, Steven decided to dedicate himself to academia while coaching on the side. For the past couple of years he has focused on environmental and economic applied research. However, he is excited to leave research behind in order to coach full time and share his passion for the game with the next generation.

It is pretty obvious which country Coach Steven was rooting for this past World Cup!

How did you first get involved with PPA?

  • I was looking to increase my coaching hours and through research I found PPA. Choosing PPA could not have been an easier decision to take. I’m very appreciative for the opportunity to work for one of the best, fastest growing clubs in the area.

Can you tell me about your role within PPA?

  • I am the Director of Talent Management. My main responsibilities include heading the Leadership Program, as well as managing coaching assignments.

Can you briefly give a little background about you? Where are you from, playing experience, coaching experience.

  • I was born and raised in Mexico City but I am actually half Mexican, half English. Soccer has been part of my life from the very beginning and I have been coaching for a while now. I graduated from university in Maryland after doing high school in Bethesda. I graduated university with a degree in Economics, a degree in Environmental Science and a minor in Graphic Design. For a couple of years I worked at a prestigious environmental research organization as an applied economics researcher and analyst. I then decided to leave that life behind in order to dedicate myself to what I'm most passionate about: coaching full time.

  • I’ve played soccer all my life. In Mexico I played both club and for an academy, while in the US I’ve played mainly club and concentrated much more on statistical analysis, decision making, and the economics of the sport both on and off the field.

What is your favorite part about working for PPA?

  • Being surrounded by people who are just as passionate for soccer as I am (and getting paid for it). Getting to play with all kinds of people.

What are some qualities about PPA that are unique compared to other clubs in the area?

  • The relationship between coaches and players. PPA coaches really do care for the players in and outside the field.

What is one thing you really try to implement with your kids when you are coaching?

  • Respect. Respect for fellow teammates (hard work), respect for the coach, respect for the other team (sportsmanship).

Can you tell me a little bit about the different camps PPA has this summer? How important is it for players in the offseason to keep up with their game?

  • I cannot stress enough the importance of continuing to practice during the offseason. Skills take time to develop and it is only through constant, year-round practice that players can reach their potential. Additionally, summer camps are a great opportunity for player to stay fit.

We are very happy to have Steven with PPA and we cannot wait for our community to get to know him and welcome him with open arms.

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