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Tournament Weekend

This Saturday and Sunday PPA teams took part in their end of season tournaments. Players learn, train and develop all season to compete for the tournament Trophy and Medals! Everyone came out and represented their team with heart, teamwork, and grit.

Coach Alexis has been coaching the Lafayette Leopards for three seasons. This is her second championship win with the Leopards. Coach Alexis says "It’s been so nice to work with the Leopards for the last 3 seasons, they are such a great group of girls. The girls put in such hard work at practice, and it has all started to pay off. I am so extremely proud of all of their progress, and I can’t wait to see how much more they can develop with PPA!"

(Photo: Coach Alexis and the Lafayette Leopards)

Below you can check out the tournament results and some photos to recap the tournament winners!


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