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Parent Coach Team Registration

for Development Leagues
How can I register my team, as a parent coach, for the Fall 2022 Development League?

Complete the registration form. 

What is the process after I register?

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After you submit the Parent Coach Registration form above, a PPA Director will reach out to confirm your team's details, and send you instructions on how to register your player, and invite the other players on the team. From there, while you're filling your the roster, we will start working on scheduling your practices and games. 

What can I Expect as a Parent Volunteer Coach with PPA?

Our approach is to provide PPA Parent coaches the same support we provide to our professional coaches. All new parent coaches will get access to PPA's onboarding program for coaches, and an invitation to our Pre-Season Coach Workshop to learn our coaching philosophy and coaching techniques. Before the season starts parent coaches will get PPA coaching gear to look the part and coaching equipment to help you run great sessions.  During the season, we provide parent coaches access to our curriculum with age appropriate session plans you can use at your practices.  And at any point, Parent Coaches will have access to our technical directors to get extra support, if needed. 

Onboarding Program

PPA's Developmental Curriculum

Pre-Season Workshop


In-Season Live Support from Technical Director


What will be expected of me as a parent volunteer coach?

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We expect parent coaches to support our aim to  make the development leagues the best place for players to play sports with friends. Parent coaches will be expected to attend practice and games for their team, communicate with other parents on the team, and help create a great experience for all the players (not just the ones on their team). We also expect parent coaches to adhere to the same coaching conduct policies we require of our professional coaches, including policies about even playing time for players, demonstrating respect for refs, and  practicing sportsmanship with opponents.    

Dates and Pricing

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What is PPA's Development Program?


The Development Program is the best place to play sports with friends. The league mixes the convenience of recreational teams with the professionalism of club sports. It's the only league in the DMV region where players can register with friends from their school or neighborhood without a tryout, and choose to get a professional (non-parent coach). Teams also have the option of using a parent volunteer coach. Parents don't need to worry about long drives. Practices are held locally during the week and games are played on weekends. The philosophy of play is that competition can be applied at any level. Our curriculum aims to teach players of all levels sport-specific skills and technique, while also developing a will to succeed with their friends. To learn more, click here.

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Questions About Development?

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